Info Required Please….

Anyone recognise this Scania jacket?? The owner of said jacket in New Zealand, yep New Zealand, is keen to learn a little more. I have to say I’ve not seen one like that before but I’m surprised Scania haven’t either! I’m sure their was a 1 series Scania jacket with pictures inside. Have a read of Matt Skinners email; 

“I am just wondering if you or your members would be able to help me. I have an old Scania Jacket which was given to me many years ago by a friend as a gift when I moved overseas. I believe he got it when he bought a new truck, as long as I knew him he was an owner driver. I would love to know more about it. It has never been worn. I have emailed Scania but they tell me they have no one there who would have worked there back then so can’t give me any information about it. I have attached a couple of pictures, it has the most amazing lining.”


From what I can see it’s a 2 Series jacket and I’m sorry but how arrogant can Scania be?! Why is it Scania still take no interest in their fans or the very heritage that has got them the name and reputation they have today? I think if they keep going as they seem to be they will be in danger of damaging that hard earned name. Any way can anyone shed any light on the jacket? I’m guessing it was a rather superior drivers jacket. Answers on a postcard or leave a comment below. Thank you. 


5 thoughts on “Info Required Please….

  1. I have that exact same jacket which was given to me from a Scania rep back in 1984 when he visited Darwin Australia to have a look at the new released scania diesel engines we had installed into our new fishing boat, this is the first time i have seen another one since having mine given to me.


  2. Hi yes I have 3 like this from the 1980s
    The cream one is the summer type
    There was 2 blue one summer & autumn
    And a heavy winter one . Best jackets ever bought .


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