Silver Dream Machine


Hopefully most of you will know that I used to be an owner driver myself a good few years back now. Quite often on social media I end up meeting and talking too other owner drivers. I think if you’ve done it you can easily relate to the hardships and pleasures of running your own motor. Mark “Choppy” Steward is one such Owner Driver that I have a few messages with now and again, I can’t tell you how it started but we keep in contact now and again. So I couldn’t help but notice the ordering and arrival of a stunning DAF XF106 Super Space Cab. An owner drivers truck really is the be all and end all, it’s got to be everything a fleet truck is and more, usually a lot smarter as its a representation of yourself and also how people you may be working for see you as a company. If you like the truck is the ambassador to your name if that makes sense. As you will see Marks choice of new truck is a fine one, we all know the big DAF is a great truck to live in and work with and the new Euro VI front end with metallic paint just looks awesome. Over to Mark for full details………


Its a Euro VI, XF Super Space Cab, FTP (baby midlift axle), complete with full SB Components side skirts & chassis infill. It has the 510 engine with auto gear box & intarder. It’s also one of the first DAF’s in the UK with the new leather interior. 


The truck also has Alcoa Durabright wheels, 850 litre fuel tanks, built in sat nav, roof top air conditioning unit, fitted flat screen tv and a microwave. The paint work was done by Kirk Coachworks from Wisbech & PD Stevens of Market Drayton. All the electrical work was done by Martin Moore from Kings Lynn. The truck itself was supplied by Greenhous Commercials of Shrewsbury.


I (Mark!) was lucky enough to watch the vehicle being made at the DAF factory in Leyland, Lancashire, where it started as just two chassis beams. It took just over two hours to complete the build and the cab was fitted in just 11 minutes! I purchased the vehicle as a 10th Anniversary vehicle although originally I had a 750hp Volvo FH4 but it had to go as it was too thirsty!


The truck will be pulling a fridge trailer running in both the UK and Europe, averaging 140,000km a year. In the past I have run a DAF 95, 95XF and XF105 Super Space Cabs. 

Awesome. I think you’ll agree that Mark should be pleased with the result. It once again seems that less is more, the subtle approach is the best way in my opinion. Also I’m glad to see that so far there are no light bars, Mark has opted for four spots mounted in the sun visor. As an owner driver you’ve got to have the truck that makes you happy as much as anything else. We all know what it’s like when your driving something you don’t enjoy, you end up frustrated and constantly fighting against it. So all I can hope is that it’s a reliable truck and it keeps Mark on the road. Without Owner drivers (and small hauliers) we could end up with nothing but white fleet trucks on the road then what we all be secretly spotting?? If anyone gets the work and the chance, I’d strongly reccomend giving being an Owner Driver ago, just be prepared not to have many holidays and days off! Thanks for the photos and info Mark. 


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