Six Million Dollar MAN


Just a couple of weeks back Steve Marsh and his little MAN were right down South West in Portugal, this week the complete opposite, right up North East in Finland.  How do you get a 1931, 4.5 litre supercharged Bentley blower from the UK to Russia for a car rally? I have no idea, but I know you get it as far as Helsinki from where it will be forwarded onto its final destination somewhere in Russia. I’m guessing that although Bentley GH6951 is a regular at all the big car rallies all over Europe, the owners didn’t fancy driving it all the way from Manchester. In true 1980’s fashion, “Who you gonna call??” – Steve Marsh Express!


Friday PM: Load ex Packers Warehouse, Manchester, GB

Friday Night: Ship P&O – Hull, GB to Europoort, NL

Saturday: Drive Europoort, NL to Travemunde, D

Early Sunday AM: Ship Finnlines – Travemunde, D to Helsinki, Fin (29 hour crossing) 

Monday AM: Deliver to DHL Terminal, Vaanta, Fin


 Wednesday AM: Load ex Rotterdam, NL

Thursday AM: Deliver London,  GB

Friday AM: Load Harwich, Essex, GB

Friday PM: Deliver Warrington, GB 

1,533 Miles / 2,467 KM

Not many miles condsidering the distance between the destinations if you know what I mean, but then again there was some 58ish hours on the Finnlines ferry. As always is the case when Marshy does a specialist job, back loads are always found even if there is a bit of empty running, but does that really matter if all miles are paid?? Not to you or I but there’s probably an Eco-warrior that would have something to say about it. Probably suggest we put Marshy on a non existent train! 

Where will the little MAN be off to next I wonder? I can only guess it will be somewhere in between Portugal and Finland, although when you look at a map, that’s not really narrowing it down. Where ever he goes I always hope he takes some photos, mainly because I love the little MAN and secondly because of you lot, Marshy now has some dedicatded followers that often ask after him when he doesn’t appear on the blog for a while. As you may appreciated Mr Marsh is a busy chap and doesn’t have time for a lot of social media (that’s where I come in!) but you can follow him and his adventures on;

Twitter – @SteveMarshExp

Website – /

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