Where is she now??


VRT 238X – where is she now I wonder?? I’ve been running through my last batch of photos from David Scarff an came across this delightful Scania. I know it’s a known truck and there are photos of it about but to me this is a cracker. It really gives a great example about the golden years of UK Continental trucking, the years when the trucks from the UK used to go everywhere. I think this Scania 142 was know for running to Hellas but in sure you’ll tell me better. I searched for it on the DVLA vehicle search and it says it’s not been taxed since 22nd September 1999 and it also says it’s not been exported (although I don’t believe that section of the search!). The colour is listed as multicolour too, so if she is still in the UK then who knows where about’s it is? Who was the last known owner? Any answers then leave them below please.

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