MAN in Black – Part Deux


I featured this little MAN TGL the other week after @steviebloke met him at Bestlogs yard in Chichester. The truck belongs to a German Bestlog subbie by the name of Patrick Pralat, so I emailed him to ask a few questions and I got just a few answers. Here’s his reply;

Danke for the compliment. Sorry, I’m not by twitter. Stevie can make more pictures if he want, I have no new pictures. Inside looks the MAN normal. Original Radio blaupunkt 2x 5w speaker is out. Now is a multi media Alpine inside, little office with internet, GPS, printer, scanner, laptop/tv and so on. The Alpine has 300w, 6 speaker, 1 woofer with bluetooth handsfree. Sorry for me bad english.

Best Regards

Even though it’s a short answer it gives the idea that it isn’t just another run of the mill 12 tonner. I’m surprised none of the Photographers in Dover and the Kent area have spotted it yet, not that I’ve seen anyway. In MAN in Black I mentioned that Patrick can winch the trailer up inside the truck body when not required to save length and more importantly road tolls. This photo was taken by another Bestlog driver @patsmithf1. If you spot a Bestlog truck or the black one then please send me a photo to or tweet me @truckbloguk. There is more Bestlog action to come in the next week or so.


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