MAN in Black


Trying to think of a title with the words “black” and “M.A.N.” In the title was no easy task I can tell you. In the end I’ve gone for the song title option courtesy of Johnny Cash.

These photos how ever are courtesy of @steviebloke on Twitter. Mr Bloke is a professional driver working for Bestlog UK delivering vehicles across the UK and Europe in his little green MAN TGL. There is also a Bestlog GMBH, the German parent company if you like. As you’d imagine between the 2 companies there are a fleet of top specced trucks and on the German side there is also a subbie or 2. Now as it stands I can’t tell you anything about this German subbie that Steviebloke saw in Bestlog UK’s yard this week but really what else do you need to know?? A picture tells a 1000 words and all that.


Just look at the shine on the bodywork. The truck is a Euro 5 MAN TGL LX 12.250. It must be Euro 5 as it’s not got the Euro 6 grill. So for a truck that is a year or 2 old to have such a shiny paint job is fairly impressive. The truck has an internal ramp that can lift a car enabling a second car to be put on the lower deck, or even his trailer can be put on the ramp to avoid paying road tolls on 4 axles. Even with painted wheels it makes for a truck that delivers the kind of impact and professionalism you’d want the driver to have when delivering supercars. Hopefully we will see or even hear from this truck/driver again in the near future but in the mean time I’ll thank @steviebloke again for the photos.




2 thoughts on “MAN in Black

  1. G’day mate,

    Can I grab your address again please. Buggard if I know what I’ve done with it when you gave it to me last time.

    Finally got your loot to the post office, packed up and ready to dispatch. Just need to supply the remainder of the address and I’ll call the post office to write on the parcel. I think you’ll be happy with some of the knick knacks included. Must apologise, have sent sea mail as 5 kgs was a bit much via air. So could be a bit of a wait. Might be able to track it, maybe? I’ll give you the consignment when I get it. I’m a bit exited to get it off. You get some complementary renovation dust as it’s been sitting around for TOO long and that dust gets through our place despite my best efforts. Bloody builders leaving doors open when working doesn’t help!!

    Look at what Mum pulled out of a packing box the other day from my old TNT staff days. Love this truck as it was given to me by a Kiwi former boss who was ex TNT UK. A truly great boss. Steve Rapley.

    Not a V8, but beggars can’t be choosers, eh?!

    Cheers, Julian.

    Julian Baker




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