Transam Truck Spotting


Truck spotting at 0730 on a Wednesday morning?? Well it’s got to be done. A good friend of mine drives one of these black beauties and as you can imagine I very rarely get to see him and truck together. Off round Europe most of the year until this weekend when he is on tour 5 miles from my house in Colchester, but as you’d expect I’ll unlikely to see him. Transam arrived at Colchester Stadium in the early hours of this morning, so when I popped in this morning they were still asleep. Later today while I’m at work the drivers are all off home for a few days as the Gig isn’t til Sunday night. But I’m away this weekend til Sunday afternoon. Typical. Any way the black trucks were looking stunning as usual in the early Essex sun. Luckily for me they were accessible and I could get a couple I photos without disturbing anyone, although the increased Police presence at the stadium at the moment certainly gave me some funny looks!



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