Wilson Wednesday – it’s a big’un!!

This could be the biggest HC Wilson Wednesday yet. I don’t know how but it’s a double figure turn out this week, even drivers who I was beginning to think didn’t have phones have sent their entries in.

First up is N7HCW, European Charger. Sent in by driver Steve “Geordie” Pattison, loaded with a cable drum from Germany to Ireland.


Next, an old favourite of mine, Garreth Rowlands and V8HCW, European Diplomat. Loaded with cable drums from the UK back to the Continent, photo taken at the Goch boarder between NL and D.


X300HCW and driver Jon Pryke deliver another load of JCB’s to Harwich. It’s no easy job fitting all 3 on that trailer, trust me.


A firm spotters favourite, WIL2217 and driver Matt Lamb with a historical load this week. A 1914 London bus delivered at 2am this morning to Londons Transport Museam.



N50HCW loaded with a 4.2m wide cable drum heading for Felixstowe. Photo taken by Sully, Wilsons escort driver, the truck is driven by Graham Daniel.


Next is a new entry from driver Viv Nixey with R50HCW. Loaded in Birmingham and delivering today in Germany. Pull up a sand bag…..


Another new entry is driver John “Tea Bag” Franks. A quiet Yorkshireman who does more work than most without any fuss or even anyone realising how much he’s done! The JCB and combine friendly Scania, W100HCW and it’s A frame trailer look so simple to drive when being reversed by John “no shunts” Franks. A great truck and a great driver. The first truck I’d seen with a Sky box fitted. Another load of JCBs for Harwich.


Next is driver Richie Burnett and X400HCW loaded in the UK and tipping today at Luxembourg Airport.


You’ll recognise Doris DAF and driver Slim. Having delivered their load of steel that you might have seen in the photos on the blog this week, they reloaded today from NL back to the north of England with a 21m long and 3m wide crane frame.


Next on the list is European Earl the perfect description for the driver of SW51HCW, Terry Alderton. Loaded back from Germany to the UK with a perfectly trailer fitting excavator.


Richard Arnold is the driver of R80HCW, the first R620 Scania that joined the Wilson fleet a few years ago. Seen here today loading a liquid storage vessel in Germany for the UK. The tank is 4.2m wide and 12m long, that’s 12m long in the well of the low loader. No problem for the quiet professional that is Arnie.


Also loading with Arnie in Germany is Mike Tasker and his beautiful black R560 Scania. Not just another 6×2 tag axle. Tasker had specced this truck to every last detail, to make sure the truck lasts the next 10 years or more. Tasker shipped out to Europe on Monday with a Sugarbeet Harvester.


Next are 2 big loads from the north of England to the South. Photo taken by the female part of husband and wife team Dave and Sue Ramm in N5HCW. Followed up by John Stocks and the Europe flattening WIL2580. Both loads are 4.2m wide.


The last 2 entries are honouree Wednesday entries. First is part time office dweller James Cartwright, out in GW51HCW yesterday doing a couple of local jobs around Norfolk and Suffolk. Always good to see the office staff keeping their hands in.



The final entry is of Daisy DAF last week before driver Geoff Tarbun had another holiday this week. Geoff says he can afford to take so much holiday as it gives the other drivers time to catch up with the amount of work he does with Daisy. Photoed here with a lifeboat loaded in Norfolk and delivered out to Amsterdam, NL.


There you go, a record 15 entries for this weeks #wilsonwednesday, that’s more than half the fleet! All trucks out and about working hard in a good mix of UK and European work. Always a good selection of interesting loads to be seen from HC Wilsons drivers. On a side note GW, the drivers photos are getting better. John Pryke now gets the whole truck in his photos, next he just has to get the whole load in and he’ll be an accomplished photographer! Thanks to all the drivers, let’s see what happens next week.

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