Truckstar Festival 2014


If you need the weakest excuse ever to go to the possibly the best truckshow in Europe, then you need to go so you can your hands on this delightful WSI model. The model is being released in collaboration with Truckstar. They produce an official 1/50 scale model each year, this year it is a Mercedes Benz Actros Big Space rigid, with a very tidy matching 3 axle frigo drawbar trailer. The WSI website says;

“The 6×2 truck features a tag axel and built-in cooling engine underneath. The chassis has been closed up completely. The trailer has 3 axles and also has a completely closed chassis with storage boxes and a Thermoking cooling engine at the front. The model comes in the colour combination white and orange.”

If you want to get one of the models then you can either pre-order on the WSI website from next week or you can get yourselves to the Netherlands for the last weekend of July. Having now been to Truckstar Festival twice now, I still can’t quite put into words quite how much I like it! Top trucks from all over Europe and a typical relaxed Dutch atmosphere and all without any hi-viz wearing Stewards or health and safety officers trying to make the show about them. Just awesome if you a real true truck nut.

Truckstar Festival 2013 (711)


Truckstar Festival 2013 (465)

Held at the Assen TT Race Circuit, just out side of the northern Dutch town of Assen, the Truckstar Festival is well worth a weekend visit. The dates for your diary are 26th & 27th July and I suggest you charge your camera’s and for those of you who are old enough charge your beer arm as the Dutch are a hospitable bunch. If your slightly smaller and not old enough try to persuade your parents to let you take your roller skates of even a bike, there can be a lot of walking if you want to see all 2200+ trucks! My trusty drinking truck driving partner Mr James Cartwright will be heading over to Assen by one way or another, hopefully by truck but if not car will have to do, at least if we go by car we might be able to find a supermarket that sells that amazing Dutch curry sauce. Other than that I will have to be-friend yet another Dutchman so I can recharge my camera as I usually use a full battery each day.

Truckstar Festival 2013 (655)

Truckstar Festival 2013 (732)

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