New Year New Actros


These new Mercedes Actros are increasingly popular by my reckoning. More and more operators here in the East of England seem to be realising that the new Merc does do what it says on the tin and is producing improved fuel figures right across the board, no mater what line of haulage your in.

Latest to join the party are Felixstowe container hauliers, DRS Logistics. A small order to start with but the numbers will grow if the new trucks perform as well as the Demonstrator provided by Orwell Trucks did. DRS have opted for these 2545LS Gigaspace 6×2’s so they can cope with the variety of containers that appear off the ships. Aaron Richardson at DRS say the trucks were purchased “For the improved efficiency they offer and also the style.” No one can argue that the new Merc is a good looking beast, even if it is wearing a big old cab top spoiler (Camel Toe Spoiler i’ve heard it called!!). The spoiler DRS have had fitted has been designed and manufactured by Hatcher Components and is set to match the height of a 40ft High Cube container on a skelly trailer. These German supermodels are smart and making container haulage really rather glamorous compared to the old days of Volvo FL10’s and the like!


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