Hey What’s your Number…


Yes ok it’s another Scania but this one needs a bit more input from you. This dear old girl has been relegated to the corner of some ones yard these days but what secrets does she hold from her past. Was she once an international motorway pounder? Was she the pride of an English fleet when she was the newest in the yard? If any of you have any information about said wagon please leave your comments below.


What’s the reg number? My guess is D853 PKK or possibly PXK. The letter behind the greenery does seem to replicate the K at the end, does it not Mr Watson?! As I’m sure you know most truck regs come in batches from particular dealers…….I’ve just searched tinternet and it can’t be “XK” as it didn’t exist. On that style of number plate the last 2 letters of the 3 denoted the area code. If the reg is “KK” that is the code for Maidstone or “KX” is the code to Luton. As its a “D” reg she was new in 1986. This gives you a few clues, so see what you can come up with. Hopefully a few more pics if the old girl at the end of the week.

Before you truck off, why not leave a comment....

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