For Sale: Daily Mini Artic


Now and again I put a few things on here I find for sale on the Internet, but this time it’s something that i’ve been emailed this weekend. As far as i’m concerned it qualifies for “truckblog” as it is a tractor unit and trailer. Stuart Beevers, from what appears to be his own company, SPB Boat Haulage emailed me asking if I knew of anyone looking for a mini artic. Unfortunately I don’t off hand but i’m hoping that one of you lot does.


Mr Beevers said the following in his email; “I have a I Iveco Daily 2006 mini artic for sale. It was a crew cab but now converted to a sleeper cab but could quite easily be put back to crew cab as all seats included. Only 60.000km. 2009 rm trailer 6700kg built to move boats but has a remove able alloy flat bed which can carry cars or pallets any thing I am after £26000. P.s it’s does 25mpg empty @4.5t train weight and 18/19 mpg full 10t train weight and only costs £165 a year tax.”

If you have any interest then please email me: and I will gladly put you in touch with Stuart. Perhaps I need to get myself into boat haulage so I can finally get a mini artic!


7 thoughts on “For Sale: Daily Mini Artic

  1. What licence do you need to drive the mini artics please, and what category does fall into for tax. service, mot….please if anyone can supply this information. thank you.


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