Blogging at Sea


I was going to try and do a quick blog using P&O’s Internet at Sea, but I’m sorry to say it’s just not up to the job of blogging!! I have been trying to open a photo or two just to add some colour to the blog, but it seems that the Internet at Sea doesn’t like Flickr that much. Any way just to say for those who don’t know I am actually out on the road this week. I left Hadleigh, Suffolk early Monday morning, tipped in Paris Monday afternoon, reloaded near Maubeuge on the French Belgian border this morning and now I am on board the Pride of Britain (P&O’s new big ro-ro vessel). Hoping to tip in Rugby, Warwickshire Wednesday morning. Had a slow load this morning so I am a few hours behind, but no doubt the UK’s unclogged traffic free motorway network will make it an easy journey up to Rugby this evening (that’s French Sarcasm that is!). The pic above was me and the big DAF waiting for a few hours this morning waiting to load. I’ll do a better blog / blogs of this weeks travels at a later date. There is a good chance that I will get a second trip to Paris this week too.

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