As I have no Internet at home this week thanks to the expert services of a well know British Telecommunications (bugger!) company, I thought I’d just share a quick few photo’s from my days gone album. Back in the day I had a few of my own tonka toys, which I loved and to this day I still prefer a little lorry to those big articulated thingy’s (well nearly). So just a random selection to fill a day and as I have 5 minutes spare in the office before departing. Here is V413 KPU….and if you’ve seen them before, then aren’t you lucky!

Another handball load.
V413 KPU - MAN 8163 (9)

The dock side of Canary Wharf, London.
V413 KPU - MAN 8163 (21)

I knew someone wouldn’t mind me parking on Mum and Dads lawn!
V413 KPU - MAN 8163 (31)

My good mate Howard and I both taking a quick breather on the A1 near Pontefract.
V413 KPU - MAN 8163 (36)

A sunny Sunday in Cornwall.
V413 KPU - MAN 8163 (40)

Another small load for the little MAN.
V413 KPU - MAN 8163 (68)

Although I had the airbrushed Atego, I do think I preferred the MAN. We just had more of a bond and we did so much more together, you know how it is!! Want to comment? please do or email me;

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