Lack of Swiss Cheese…….

Renault Magnum - Kipfer, CH

….Just pure class with this big Renault. Being an honorary Essex boy for 30 of my 33 years, I have had a fairly good knowledge of the trucks in and around Braintree and Chelmsford. Surprisingly one of the trucks that has been in and around Chelmsford for a lot of years has been the changing face of Renault’s flagship Magnum. Not only has it been a single Magnum, it has always had Swiss plates and has always been in the ultra smart colors of Swiss company Kipfer Transporte. For those of you who know Chelmsford, you probably know where the Britvic factory is, this used to be where the Magnum would be parked, but these days it  often resides in the lorry park at the Boreham Interchange Services. I took these snaps on a quick trailer change at Boreham a few Monday’s ago.

Renault Magnum - Kipfer, CH

Do you know any thing about Kipfer? Who the Chelmsford driver is? I can only imagine that it has been the same driver for the last 10 years or so. I would like to hear from said driver or Kipfer themselves as according to their website they pretty well cover the whole of Europe and Scandinavia from their Swiss base between the German borders of Rheinfelden and Bad Sackingen.

Renault Magnum - Kipfer, CH

I’m sorry to say that I don’t know how Swiss number plates work, but this Magnum must be relatively new, it has the new bigger 4m high cab (3.92m actually!) which has been about for a couple of years. It also has the big 520hp engine, which should mean it gobbles up the mountains of Europe of it’s weekly jaunts. Is it me or do Magnums always have a certain something about them?? They always grab my attention I can’t help but look.

Renault Magnum - Kipfer, CH

I guess the only downside of this spot is that the trailer is fairly plain compared to the usual Kipfer fridges. If you have any info to add you can email me; or leave a comment below. In the mean time you can also email me any of your photos of Kipfer trucks, always good to have a Magnum on the blog!!

2 thoughts on “Lack of Swiss Cheese…….

  1. The swiss plates system,works in kantons,i.e reginal areas,much like essex,surrey etc..AG being Aargua,company i worked for was BL..meaning basel landshaft, BS is basel stadt..(city,town)….


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