The Only Way is Schweiz

I really like the way the blog works! I would also really like to get back to blogging a lot more than recent months, so it gave me a little bloggers smile when I received a particular email today. 

Have a read of this non Swiss cheesy blog I wrote way back in 2012. Click HERE

The Renault Magnum in the 2012 blog always caught my eye and I have often wondered about the driver who has parked in Chelmsford for years. Just over three years later and I got the following email today; 

“Hiya Ben, just seen pics of my old Magnum (Kipfer Transport) parked in Boreham Svs, though seems a long time ago now still looks good. I left Kipfer 3 years ago and now work for Iseppi Frutta SA in Dornach, Switzerland. Regards, John.”

Great email! This for me is what the blogs all about, meeting other like minded trucking types from where ever. I have a slight obsession with Suisse ever since I went to Interlaken as a school boy. Finally getting back to Interlaken for the Truckers & Country Festival in 2015 was just awesome. If your Suisse or you drive regularly or used to drive regularly to Suisse please email me photos, stories and tales I’ll publish any that come with photos. Thanks to driver John for today’s email and please don’t make us wait another 3 years for the next contact, especially with such a gorgeous Scania instead of the legendary Magnum! 

I think I nice Swiss number plate would look good on the wall in TBHQ………

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