Crowfield Classics

Crowfield Truck Rally 2012 (22)

A rare sight in any ones book. These 2 classic Swedes were pride of place at yet another damp Crowfield Truck Rally, held last Sunday the 3rd June at the Orwell Truckstop, Ipswich. This event is organised by the East Coast Truckers and always attracts lots of visitors and entrants as it goes, but numbers are limited so the places fill up quickly.
The 2 trucks above are both well know in and around Suffolk. The H.C. Wilson Scania 141 was bought new and has been working with Wilson ever since and still does the odd days graft now and again. The Russell Davies Scania 110 is a bit rarer as it spends most of its days at the Ipswich transport museum, but does come out for the odd run during the summer. The truck was the first ever purchase for the Russell Davies fleet in 1974 and was sold on in 1977. The truck was bought again in 1985 and restored back to her original colours. She looks well, perhaps even better with a spread axle skelly trailer behind??? Just an idea.

Crowfield Truck Rally 2012 (36)

This nice late DAF 3200 is in the colours of Suffolk haulier EJ Farrow. Nice, clean and simple, bearing the company details what more do you need? Although it does look a little small compared to it’s bigger younger brother parked alongside. While we’re on DAF, below is an earlier 2800, owned by another local haulier Neil Bomford.

Crowfield Truck Rally 2012 (19)

Crowfield Truck Rally 2012 (35)

Next up is Rowell’s Transport’s delightful Volvo F7 sleeper. I love this little Volvo, I used to see loads of them around the industrial estate’s of Braintree as a boy. A local haulier had quite a few and it was also the first truck I drove on my own across my cousins farm during harvest. Although my cousins version was an 8×4 tipper, but it still had the sleeper cab. This Rowell’s truck has been given plenty of love and care and now looks like new, a real credit to the owners. Traditional sign writing, original interior and even retro windscreen flags, I hope this little beastie got a trophy, it deserves it.

Crowfield Truck Rally 2012 (13)

Finnaly we have Geoff Warrens customised Scania 142 with highroof and also another high roof classic in the shape of Terry Seaman’s big cabbed Foden. The Scania still works in the summer months but doesn’t tend to venture out to much in the winter. As for the Foden, that is still earning a crust and I actually saw it out on the road this week with a tipper trailer. It’s nice to see that a classic English truck can still earn a living and not be badly affected by the ever increasing emissions regulations. As far as I know farm yards are not yet under any sort of Low Emission Zone red tape!

Crowfield Truck Rally 2012 (4)

I can’t say much about H.C. Wilson’s 2 classics as we all know they both enjoy a trip to a show, but are both very much thought of as working trucks. The 141 doesn’t do to too many days out, but N500 HCW still is called into action when ever required, usually for swapping with a break down or an MOT vehicle.

There were plenty of other trucks at Crowfield, but the increasingly popular classic’s that we see at our shows, need to be appreciated. If you click HERE you will go to my other photos from the show.

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