Scania’s Man Test

Scania R730 & Scania 141

For those of you who missed it, last weeks Commercial Motor magazine inadvertently contained the ultimate man test (and a few half decent photos!). A while back CM magazine did a Volvo comparison of a brand new FH750 and an F16 470. I read with interest but it didn’t stir me as much as last weeks. A brand new Scania R730 V8 compared to a 141 V8 and how far truck technology has come. It’s fair to say that all makes of truck have changed beyond belief and I myself can relate to this test as I have driven brand new R620’s and I also owned a 141. Which of the 2 would I choose?? Honestly?? In my opinion I think it depends on what type of man you are;

– Are you the type who likes all the luxuries of life?
– Do you prefer the straight easy rather than working her up through some bends?
– Would you rather put a few pounds on rather than work up a sweat?
– Would rather just open the back doors or get a full workout stripping your trailer?
– Do you prefer a key to a push button?

If the answer to these questions is yes, your a 730 driver, If you answered all these with no then you are a 141 driver.

Scania R730 & Scania 141

Having read through the Commercial Motor article, author Brian Weatherley says he’d prefer the 730, but I wonder how many of you agree. You can’t disagree the ride of a modern truck like the 730 is as good as if not better than any expensive luxury car, but I love driving for the “Driving” element. Changing gear, getting the revs just right, holding her back using the gears, feeling like i’m actually controlling the mechanical beast under my feet. As I said I have driven both but although the newer is far superior in the comfort department, for the love of driving you just can’t beat, the 10 speed gearbox connected to the V8. The noise of the earlier V8 burbling away, makes you head for every tunnel possible and I never never tire of it burbling away. The problem with newer more comfortable truck is that, in my opinion it makes life to easy. Now I probably wouldn’t be saying this after 40’c heat and clothes full of sand having just rebuilt my tilt trailer in Doha, but even so, give me the 141 any day. After All as my all time hero Dave Poulton once said; “Have a wash, clean the truck out and you feel as happy as a sand boy again!”

Scania R730 & Scania 141

The other reason for me doing this blog, is to re-share the absolutely amazing photographs in this Commercial Motor article. We all strive to take good photos of our trucks on the move, but these seem to be in another league. Would Mr Mark Bourdillon stand up and take a bow! Just look at these pics, taken on a track, yes I know, but even so with the spray coming off both trucks, they just look brilliant! So amazed I was, that I emailed Mr Bourdillon to ask his permission to use his photos on the blog. Luckily for all of us and especially those who didn’t see last weeks CM, Mark said he would happily let me put them on here. Thanks Mark.

Scania R730 & Scania 141

A few things left to say;
(1) Please Please don’t use the photographic genius Mark Bourdillons photos.
(2) I really would be happy driving a 141 every day (I’d be equally as happy in the 730!)
(3) I think all these principles apply to you Volvo lovers too. F88? F89? F16? FH750??
(4) Dear Scania in the next Special Edition, Please Please bring back the “Starter Button”.
(5) Yes I had to watch all of Part 2 of Destination Doha to get my quote right……What a shame!
(6) Did they do a little speed test of the 141 round the Millbrook test track?? Mine did 73 down the A14 (unit only).
(7) Sorry this blog should have come with a “Romance” warning.

Finally, thanks again to Mark Bourdillon for letting me use his photos. Also thanks to Commercial Motor.

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