Rock Group

New Rock Group!

On arriving in a packed Chassis Cab DAF Trucks yard on Friday, it was clear to see that it was one group inparticular taking up most of the space….These new black DAF XF105, Super Space Cabbed, 410hp, LHD, 4×2, Low height trucks of Transam Trucking, along with some gorgeous purple and yellow ones – the colours of Edwin Shirley Trucking (EST). I counted at least 10 black trucks and at least 5 EST ones, although i’m sure there were more. It was quite a sight to see such a group of rock n rollers!

New EST Trucks

Is there a better or more apt slogan on trucks than “You Rock We Roll”?? The slogan of the original rock and roll concert trucking company, Edwin Shirley Trucking. I have to say I don’t really have any idea what the deal is between Transam Trucking and EST. I think EST have been taken over by Transam Trucking, but for what reason or why I have no idea. I need your input please dear readers. Any way when I heard of the take over deal I naturally assumed that sooner or later the legendary purple and yellow trucks would be facing the final curtain and would be assigned to the hall of fame forever. It’s a sad thought not to see your favourite company’s again, but a few weeks back I managed just in time to get a quick snap of this fully liveried DAF heading North up the A12 Ipswich bound….Probably my last sighting, or so I thought.

EST on the A12

I have to admit as sad as it is, I was quietly pleased to see this fully liveried truck. It also made me think that perhaps the company is still going in some form or another OR perhaps the folk at Transam Trucking felt the same as me and just want to keep the name and brand going (I hope this is the reason!). Any way please can some one from Transam give some feed back on what is going on. I’m guessing that as there are at least 5 newly EST liveried trucks at DAF that the brand will live on, hopefully with matching trailers not just pulling black Transam trailers either. Email me any EST or Transam photos you may have, always a pleasure to feature rock stars on the blog, my email is;

4 thoughts on “Rock Group

  1. good story mate.est had an operation in oz a while back.tried to buy a 143 in their colours in sydney.maybe someone knows more.also anyone know much about asg sweden in oz in 70s,80s?


  2. Hi Ben,

    As a fairly recent new reader of your site, very good by the way, I thought you might be interested in information I have found regarding the Transam Trucking/EST.

    EST got into trouble about 15 months ago, and were about to go into receivership/liquidation. At the last minute, the later the cheaper I assume, Transam took over and agreed to take the business over and keep the name going. I am not sure if they will keep a presence in London, but shortly after Transam applied to increase the number of vehicles on their licence and also to move to a new site on the old airfield at Eye Suffolk. I assume near truck dealer Roy Humphries.

    Since I finished working, I have not been past the above site so not sure whether or not it is operational.

    Something some fellow bloggers may be able to answer, but up until recently Transam had megabox trailers. About a year ago, they introduced curtainsiders (megabox) trailers. To my simple mind why?
    I would have thought trucking stage equipment, lighting booms etc would be safer in a box trailer but is it because you can use a fork lift to load said items from the side so you save time and less roadies required. Be interesting to know why.

    keep up the good work & hope you enjoyed your holiday. Lucky to be able to take one so soon after starting a new job!!


    Adrian Cooper


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  4. EST was started by Edwin Shirley in the early 70’s. When Transam took them over it was run by ‘Del Roll’ what an apt name. I believe it is Transam that have supplied their DAF’s for the closing of the Olympics. I worked alongside EST in the late 80’s providing them with up to 30 extra tractor units at a time when the likes of the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson,Queen etc were on tour. Edwin Shirley invented the multi stage concept of touring to cover more venues in a shorter time.


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