Cotton Picked DAF

Cotton Transport DAF (1)

This very very tidy DAF CF made a visit to H.C. Wilsons yard a couple of weeks back. I wanted to share it with you as it rather caught my eye as being a specialist bit of kit, hand picked for its daily tasks. These daily tasks usually involve deliveries of machinery to small sites and farms, so the 3 steering axles have made the drivers job a whole lot easier than his old single steer vehicle. The truck belongs to Cotton Transport of Derbyshire and the driver was only to happy for me to take a photo of his new steed. The truck is a DAF CF with the big 480hp engine. Fitted with a big crane behind the cab, chassis lockers, and beaver tail and flat top hydraulic rear ramps. Cotton clearly know what they are doing when it comes to getting spec right. All that is left to come is the addition of a new drag trailer, which might even have been delivered by now, other than that keep your eyes peeled, its worth a look.

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