Astran Big & Small


Not a great photo I know, but I am hoping that the owner of the real version will email a few more better ones for us all to enjoy. The truck in the fore ground is the latest Tekno release in the Astran’s series. The truck being M509 WCK, the lovely Scania 143 Streamline, that I think i’m right in saying was the one of the last Astran liveried Scania’s. The Tekno model is as true to life as possible and has a matching trailer, that is also a full on replica of Owner Driver Trevor Dodwells original truck.

In the background is the real thing. The 1/1 scale, original M509 WCK although now on Irish plates. Now used for fun, shows and the occasional Aid run to far flung places. Us less fortunate types can only dream of being such lucky beggars!!

Before you truck off, why not leave a comment....

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