If Anyone Can, Cannon Can!!

Copyright Of Dick & Cathy Snow

This is one of the few photos I have that were taken by my relation, the late Dick Snow. I often wondered who that is walking in the shorts, until the other week I had no idea. I received an email from a Peter Cannon, a well known name to most of you Middle East trucking fans. Peter was one of Astrans original drivers and also went on to be transport manager for the now legendary transport company. Peter said; “The “tall chap” walking towards the camera beside a line of Astran trucks is me!!! JAN 774K was Snowys Scania 1st in line, then mine AMY 147H with the taller trailer. don`t know the 3rd one possibly WLO 95G.”

Being ever the faithful blogger I was delighted to hear from Peter, as I am delighted to hear from any of the men that were the original Long Haul Pioneers. I asked Peter if he felt like it, would he mind sending me a few unseen photos, as he had contributed quite a bit to Ashley Coghills book. Being a true knight of the road, Mr Cannon has been very obliging and has sent over these brilliant pics. The photo email stated a very true, but probably unstated statement; “Unfortunately at times of drama in the mountains in the snow there was never time or opportunity to mess around taking photos consequently there are very few photos of the real hairy bits but several posed ones!!” I hadn’t thought of it before, but it is probably very true. In the good old days it was far more important to help your fellow drivers out of a sticky situation, rather than the modern trend of videoing it on your mobile to stick on Youtube or You’ve been framed!!

The following photo was quite significant as Peter thinks this is him offloading in Kuwait on the 1st trip there in probably 1970.


 As per the photo in The Long Haul Pioneers book, this is another shot of AMY147H crossing yet another river in Turkey. I wonder if a modern camera would give so much detail, just look at the steam coming off the brakes!


And finally for this little installment, is this photo of AMY in Pakistan. Peter said: “AMY outside the Marriot hotel in Islamabad Pakistan on the 1st trip there. The hotel has been featured on the tele` recently as militants have set off bombs there !!!!!”


These photos are just brilliant, please respect that they are Peter Cannons own photos. I can’t thank Peter enough. If you or anyone you know has an equally good collection of such nostalgic trucking then do feel free to email me, ben@truckblog.co.uk and i’ll publish them here on the blog for all to see and share the tales. Thanks Peter, I hope there is more to come.




4 thoughts on “If Anyone Can, Cannon Can!!

  1. These pics are awesome, especially the one crossing the river, imagine trying to do that now, there would be a little bloke on the bank with a high-vis jacket & hard hat on to ask for a copy of your risk assessment! Incidentally, what’s he doing stopping to take photos when his truck is half way across the river?!


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