Where in the World is This ACH Truck Parked??

Where in the world??

Once again Neil Jarrold of www.euro-wheels.com has come up with a photo that is just brilliant! Just look at it……… What more can you say. Although it does raise a load of questions;

  • 1) Where was it taken?
  • 2) Is the Fiat behind the ACH Volvo truck RHD or LHD
  • 3) What is the significanace of the double white stripes on Italian bumpers?
  • 4) What happened to ACH Volvo WJO 677R?
  • 5) Have you got any ACH photos you want to share?

If you have any answers to these questions please leave a comment or email me; ben@truckblog.co.uk I have a thing for ACH so any photos will be well recieved.

4 thoughts on “Where in the World is This ACH Truck Parked??

  1. there were many rhd trucks in italy most of the big autovia exits had rhd boths the italians used rhd on mountainous regions so they could see the edge of the road esier the photo could be anywere but i recon luxemburg or france


  2. ACH brill fleet one of my favorites and have some pictures in my collection
    and i have been in the loft and dug out some of my albums 4 u ben,drop them in the hcw next week


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