Manton European Freezer Freight Part 9

Dave Peirson Photos (3)

I can’t quite believe we have made it to Part 9 of this, seemingly popular mini series. Mantons first appeared here on the blog, as I photographed one their Scania 143 on my childhood Industrial Estate in Braintree, Essex. Since the 21st February last year I have received a continual flow of Manton related info and photos. Contributers include one Dave Manton and a number of ex-Manton drivers, including Tim Speight and now I’ve had contact with Dave Peirson. Mr Peirson says he worked at Manton from 1986 and was there for about 3 years. In this time he was lucky enough to pilot the Scania above and below, F917 CUM, from new. Although having checked the DVLA vehicle checker, it says that F917 CUM was first registered 13/02/1989 which would have been near the end of Dave Peirsons 3 years at Mantons, although this is perfectly plausable of course. As it goes the DVLA checker also says that this truck has been out of road tax since 02/02/2004 so where is she now? According to the checker she hasn’t been exported. Do you know of her where abouts?? email me; or leave a comment.

Dave Peirson Photos (6)

Dave Peirson Photos (2)

 The photo above was taken at Levante Beach, Benidorm, Spain. Mr Peirson said that they were Parked up waiting to load.” You can’t deny that they are parked up, but i’m not so sure that parking on the beachfront was the only option, although back in the gold old days of International Trucking, there was no vehicle tracking so you could go where you liked and in all honesty most boss’s wouldn’t be bothered if you parked up on the beach or not, if you were parked up for a few days. Afterall the romance (GW) of the job were these far flung places across Europe. I know where I would have parked! I’m sure that Dave Manton falls into the easy going catergory. This photo actually unlocks another piece of the Manton puzzle. Back in Part 6 top Manton photographer Neil Jarrold sent a photo of a blue Scania pulling a Manton fridge. The truck was liveried as “Reiblein International” and that was all I knew, but now, thanks to Dave Peirsons email, the mystery has been unravelled. The email simply says; “In the back ground, in just the shorts, is Joe Reiblein also from Wetherby who also drove for Mantons before getting his own truck.” There you go. The photo of Reibliens truck obviously dates after this one, perhaps on this very trip Reiblein decided that he’d become an owner driver, who knows!

The next 2 photos Dave Peirson sent are a stark reminder to everyone, that while we all love trucks and driving (you do otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far!), the dangers of the job can easily be forgotten untill some thing like this happens;

Dave Peirson Photos (1)

Dave Peirson Photos (4)

Shiny truck rolling through France heding for the land of straw donkeys one day, not so shiny truck rolled onto its side the next. Not nice. Luckily for this driver he escaped with bumps and bruises. Dave Peirson says; This driver had a mishap on his way to Spain. He was ok though. Can`t remember exactly where it was but I think it was south of Tours,  France. I had to pick driver up on my way back from Spain.”

Were you part of the Manton dynasty? Have a tale to tell or a photo to share of these lovely green trucks from Yorkshire? Then get emailing; or leave your comments below. Thanks to Dave Peirson for his imput and I hope he has some more to offer.



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