HELP Finding: Scania 111 – Reg: XDH 849S

Scania 111 -  XDH 849S

This week at blog HQ I had an email from Danny Harrison. He is trying to find out where his dad’s truck XDH 849S ended up or what happened to it after its life at BJ Adams. The truck was a Scania 111, sleeper cab, 4×2 tractor unit. Danny say’s his dad, George Harrison (no not that one) drove XDH 849S for about 5 years in the early 1980’s, but the last time they saw the truck was in Maidstone, Kent some time in the 1990’s.

Scania 111 -  XDH 849S

Danny went on to give me the following info, in the hope someone out there can shed some light on what happened to the old girl;

“My Dads name was George Harrison and he and his mates, Johnny Edmonds, Keith Farrow, Eddie Childs all  ran out of the Ruberiod Brimsdown, Enfield. It was in the early Eighties. He worked through BJ Adams and Graham Markham. Lots of work was to Cundell Corrugated in Chelmsford, loads of rolls of paper to them from Ruberiod then reload from Cundell with waste paper to Norwich Corrugated or Wormages in Norwich. Or they’d take paper to Louth, Reeds I think, then backload of steel from Scunthorpe to Murex in Waltham Cross. Yes I did spend every non school day with my old man at work.”

Scania 111 -  XDH 849S

Can you help Danny and George? If you know of this truck, Scania 111, reg no XDH 849S, where it is, where it went or who may have owned it after BJ Adams, then please leave a comment, or email me; 

Hopefully Danny is going to email me some more of these classic old photo’s from his early years bunking off, sorry when he was off school.  Who’s is the Seddon Atkinson Borderer??

8 thoughts on “HELP Finding: Scania 111 – Reg: XDH 849S

  1. and it was owned at the time by STAN PRINCE & SON of Northwich,cheshire.
    We spent 3-5 nights out a week at the Northerly parts of Scotland.
    I remember the journey was always quick, as the motors weren’t restricted…he he he


    • Can remember Dennis and John off of S.prince and son transport as my dad used to run back from Scotland with them occasionally an would usually meet up with them in southwaite services or penrith truckstop,my dad had a transcon then a 3300 daf around the time working for micro image technology ltd of riddings ,derby`s,cant remember who had what truck just remember a scania 111 and a 2800 daf of prince`s transport-wish I had took some pics as there`s none of their trucks on the net,My dad`s name is bob -he`s still driving artics! no nights out though anymore just long day runs for NFT chilled distribution.Would love to see any photo`s if you’ve got any of your dads truck etc.(like you can remember all 3 of em running back down the a74/m6 at a swift Pace!(sometimes accompanied by john off of Park Cakes with a Leyland roadtrain(daycab version)


  2. I too, used to spend all my free time with my old fella in the various 111’a he drove for Manchester Haulage and Warehousing in the 70’s and early 80’a.d. I remember those times as if it were yesterday and would l i’ve a trip back just one more time, PNA451R and DNA304T, I made a1/24 scale model of the exact truck with spread axle trailer. I’ll put a photo on if I can find one…happy days indeed!


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