DAF XT is Born – NOT Photoshopped


We’ve all seen the photo-shopped versions of a bonneted DAF, mostly the white one pulling a fridge trailer. In all honesty it doesn’t look to silly, for a few days I think it did get people wondering whether it was real or not. But now Dutch transport company A. Jansen BV, who are clearly huge fan’s of their natively built DAF trucks, have produced a real life bonneted DAF and have named it the DAF XT. I’m sure over the next few months this truck will make it to your regular truck magazine. On Jansen’s own website, there is this small explanation in the News section;

Recently, A. Jansen B.V. on the occasion of its 40 anniversary presented a new car: the XT. This special model in cooperation with DAF dealer de Burgh in Eindhoven developed and produced. The XT, such as this implementation in the market will go (FTT XF type 105.460), is the successor of the legendary NAT models of DAFThe two new DAF XT’s battery from the end of February 2012 will abandon the fleet of A. Jansen B.V. and so also appeared on the Dutch roads.”

You can work out from the slightly dodgy translation, that there are now 2 of these real life DAF XT’s. The trucks have been produced to celebrate Jansen BV’s 40th Anniversary, just imagine what could happen when they reach the big 50!! Keep your eye’s peeled on the press, as I say i’m sure it will be making a lot or appearances. What’s your first impression? Is it like mine; The grill is too chunky, then email me; ben@truckblog.co.uk or you can leave a comment, or these day’s you can even get me on Twitter, @truckbloguk amazing stuff! Not sure who’s photo’s these are but if you let me know I can credit you. I would also like to say a big thank you to Graham Wilson for informing me of the DAF’s existence.



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