R.F. Interport Movements

RF Interport Movements

Not a name i’m too familiar with i’m sorry to say. I have heard the name before but that’s about as far it goes. So this is where you come in. I have had a right good spring clean in the depths of the truckblog email inbox and I came across an email I flagged a while ago. The email was from a truckblog regular, Peter Metcalfe. In his email he informed me that he was involved with R.F. Interport Movements in the 1970’s. Peter’s email read as follows;

I was involved with a company in the 70’s, based in Astley on the Outskirts of Manchester . The company was called “R.F.INTERPORT MOVEMENTS” whose main traffic was to the Middle East. They had a program made about them on the tractor units they where using on Tomorrows World (BBC) about all the cab fittings made in the cab i.e shower, cooker, sink. We also had a driver in prison for over 18 months  for an aaccident he was involved in. So we would get drivers passing him to drop food off to him, as he was left alone. Do not get me wrong everybody seems to crave on the top firms and do not look Into the full running troubles drivers used to get into.The stories I could tell and write on your blog that would put a lot of drivers off driving. But I am sorry I have no pictures of the trucks.”
So that’s your home work bloggers, tell me more, search your archives, find the photo’s and get emailing them over to me, so we can enjoy them on here and also perhaps a few photo’s will encourage Peter Metcalfe to share a few stories of the good old days. I was emailed the photo I have used but I don’t know anything about it, aprt from it’s a DAF with a very nice spread axle tilt, the Middle East truckers trailer of choice! Get emailing; ben@truckblog.co.uk

4 thoughts on “R.F. Interport Movements

    • year 1973, photo taken at nrk trailers Rochdale, it was sunday morning and our first trip to the middle east (Teheran). 3 trucks 2600 daf ORJ422M driver Ken Harvey, 2200 daf HHD930N driver Barry Oates. Volvo F88 driver Bob Greenhal


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