The Truck That Guy Built (sort of!)

143-500 strart 001.JPG

Sorry Mick, I couldn’t resist the title! Surely eveyone one knows of Moody International? Smart European fridge operator from Grimsby and now top 2nd hand truck dealer as well. After a recent bit of contact, Mr Mick Moody told me of a very smart Scania 143 500 LHD Streamline he is now restoring. The truck is ex Wittwer Transport from Switzerland.

143-500 strart 004.JPG

143-500 strart 009.JPG

Although the truck was already in pretty good shape, it has been stripped right down to it’s bear bones and touched up and resprayed back into what I remember as original Moody International livery. Hopefully Mick will send me some more photo’s as the project nears completion. So far it’s been expertly rebuilt by the one and only Guy Martin, you know “The Boat That Guy Built” on TV? hence the dodgy blog title. Anyway it certainly looks good so far, looking forward to the finished result. The only I don’t know is if it’s just for show or if it will be back on the road paying for it’s restoration.


4 thoughts on “The Truck That Guy Built (sort of!)

  1. Streamliners, cult and classic status. Can’t go wrong and nice to see a ‘period’ paint scheme rather than airbrushed Starwars, Vin Diesel, Highland Terriers, Robert DeNiro, fishy fuckin harbours and tits of all types adorned over cabs to satisfy egos. Saw Ronnie Barker all over a cab once! What’s that all about FFS!!


  2. Dave, i agree about the dreadful murals, however, streamliners are not a cult classic. they are a poor attempt at making a decent looking truck a bit soft around the edges. 3 series scanias should have steel bumpers and doors bottoms that are level with the rest of the cab, showing off 3 steel steps. not fancy bits of plastioc bolted on to try and get a few more years out of the current model.


  3. Beautifull.
    My dream is to do the same once this R series is paid for,
    143 450 fully rebuilt and customised then sell this one and run the old girl daily.


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