Brazilian Trucking with Wilson

….No not my employers, but my new friend Wilson Pra. A few weeks back I received email from a Brazilian email address with loads of attachments. Dodgy. Any way I scanned the email and it was virus free so I decided to open the email and see all the attachments. To my surprise they were photo after photo of trucks from Brazil. Some being Wilsons own and others are from else where. To be honest there are so many and they are all worth looking at, so to do them all justice I have created a new set on Flickr;

Click here to go to the Brazilian Trucking Photo Page.

My friend Wilson keeps sending photo’s so please keep checking the Flickr page to see what else has been added since your last visit. For now I wanted to show you Wilson’s own truck;

Brazilian Trucking: My truck 2

Brazilian Trucking: My truck 2

The truck is manufactured by Mercedes Benz in Brazil. It is a L1620, with 210hp, built in 2001. It looks to me like a service wagon of some sort, judging by the crane and fleet of other vehicles in the background. The truck hails from Vila Nova, Joinville which is about 520km South West of Sao Paulo. I think Wilson obviously looks after his truck, look how clean it is for a 10 year old truck, with a Crane I might add. Any way thats just a tempter for now hopefully there will be more to come from Brazil. Also there will shortly be a truckblog sticker winging its way to Brazil, the furthest one yet!! Don’t forget to email a photo when its on your truck please Wilson!! My email for any one to send me stuff is

Mercedes L1620

Brazilian Trucking: My truck 2

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