Kersey Freight Friday

K18 KFL - ITALY - DAF 480 XF

What I hear you say, KERSEY FREIGHT FRIDAY!! Well for this week at least. The regularity of a Friday feature all depends on how often DC updates me with photo’s!! This is the first time one of the Kersey DAF’s has ventured so far South from their base in Hadleigh, Suffolk. Usually most of the Italian trips are undertaken by Kersey’s subbies.


This particular trip required one of Kersey Freights own trucks as the export was a removal job for a high profile customer. Loading in London and delivering to the Swiss town of Lugano. After the tight access delivery point for driver Geraint Richards, it was back on the Motorway for a run down, through the Chiasso border and into Italy. I think Mr Richards may be in trouble as he spent the night next to the delightful Lake Como but didn’t take any photo’s! Any way in the morning the big DAF finished it’s Southerly run to Milano where a full load of fashion was loaded. Next, all that was required was a run back up through Mont Blanc to the picturesque destination of Basildon, Essex. Not a bad weeks work if you can get it. I’m thinking that this will be the first of many trips further South than Paris for the Kersey Freight team. Just remember 2 things; 1) Photo’s for all the Perv’s and 2) White trucks get very dirty crossing the mountains in the winter!!

K18 KFL - ITALY - DAF 480 XF

If you fancy joining the ranks of Kersey Freight, DC and JM are always looking for new subbies to pull their tidy white trailers. They are both are keen to use as many English/East Anglian subbies as possible, so, if you have a truck or 2 why not contact them and see if they require your services.

Contact: or and if you feel like emailing me with any thing half as exciting, my email address is,

Right after such an excellent piece of publicity i’m off to barter with DC about getting another truckblog sticker on the back of one of the KFL trailers!!

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