What is it About Dock Scenes??

I’ll keep it short as it’s getting late and her lady ship will be moaning at me for being on “that bloody computer” all evening. What is it about dock scene photo’s that i find so fascinating?? Just look at this……..


How much is there going on?? you just can’t take it all in. Each picture has a different story to tell and something different happening. Even ones taken from the cab, just look at this picture of Mick Darlington’s

Mick Darlington (22)

A Martintrux truck with the cab up (Volvo perhaps?!), Morgan Freight Transcontinental and i’m fairly sure a Cadwallader trailer too! Then again you can’t see an old pic of Dover and not see a Cadwallader truck. Another of Mick D’s pics taken as he was driving down Jubilee Way (thats the reason for the blur, not my computer incompetance!), you can still see a Cadwallader motor.

Mick Darlington (20)

Come on we all know i am a true trucking pervert, but i can’t be the only one who finds these freeze frames in time fascinating?? I know our good friend Neil Jarrold of www.euro-wheels.com fame has a few in his collection and they are all are just an eye full of transport history. The beauty of the older ones is the amount of British trucks heading for the continent and the distinct lack of eastern europeans clogging up the lens! Take this next photo, i’m not sure who’s it is or actually where i got it from, but never mind just look at who is in it………

Dover Docks??

With my basic spotting skills i can see a lovely old Norbert Dressingtable tilt, with what looks like a DAF subbie on the front. Curries of Dumfries Scania waiting to clear the customs shed. Not forgetting the 2 classic B series ERF’s, one belonging to S Jones of Aldridge and the other being a Brit European glass carrier with Carmens livery……..
I’m going to have to go to bed it’s all just to much!! Please feel free to comment below with your findings or email me at ben@truckblog.co.uk with more dock scenes and i will put them on here for all to relish.

1 thought on “What is it About Dock Scenes??

  1. you’re forgetting the two best vehicles on those photos…..

    the Brown MkII escort and the Red Sierra gunning it up the ramp onto the boat!!



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