Loaded Truck Racing with Intransit

Most men day dream about racing around Silverstone race circuit, but few of us actually get the chance. As it goes i have both as a passenger and driver but thats another story! Any way i have also delivered to the Jordan race team on the Friday evening before the British Grand Prix, even said hello to David Coulthard as he gave my Leyland Road Runner the once over, but i didn’t get to drive said Tonka Toy around the world famous race track. As for Intransit Light Haulage from Coventry, well…….. they did.

On Wednesday last week Intransit were given 4 loads of JCB telehandlers to deliver to the circuit ready to pluck the F1 cars out of the gravel. I’m told on the first trip round they circuit they had to be escorted but on the 2nd delivery in the afternoon they were without escort, so had a little more time for a few pictures on their way round. With such a great backdrop the photo’s look pretty good!

Intransit @ Silverstone

Intransit @ Silverstone

Intransit @ Silverstone

Now the driving is one thing, but filming on the way round is another. I don’t think the boys at the Beeb have anything to worry about, looking at these videos. None the less i am probably just jealous that i haven’t driven a truck round a race track! Before you all start moaning that they were filming while driving, yes they were but remember it’s not on a public highway!! The 2nd video is the longer so put your crash helmets on and enjoy the excellent on board footage.

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