MAN Consistently Efficiently Tour Rolls on

As i wrote before MAN are currently running a huge European tour trying to prove that using the right equipment hauliers can save precious fuel and costs. The opening paragraph on the Consistently Efficient tour website states; “MAN Truck & Bus starts the “Consistently Efficient” Tour 2011 running from May 16 to June 17 through 20 major European cities in ten countries. MAN’s objectives are to provide comprehensive information on the subject of transport efficiency to customers and interested parties and to demonstrate how companies can effectively reduce the cost of operating their fleets of commercial vehicles while at the same time making a contribution to environmental protection. The tour blog shows transparently that up to 3 litres diesel per 100 km can be saved by trucks that are particularly efficiently equipped.”


The tour has so far been all over Europe, starting from Munich on the 16th May, to Prague, Breslau, Vienna, Eugendorf, Misano, Nuremberg, Leipzig, Hirschberg, Eindhoven, Frechen, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lille, Vitoria, Estoril, Madrid so far into Valencia tomorrow (Tuesday 14th June), the finally onto Barcelona, Beziers and then back to Munich. You can follow the remaining days of the tour here at the tour blog. Don’t worry i have given my 2 pennies worth about not coming to the UK.

Here you can see 2 of the 3 artics on the tour, parked in Prague. All 3 trucks are supposed to weigh in at 38,500 kg, but i would like to know where the weight comes from. The trailers all have clear sides and are loaded with slogan’s from the tour. I’m guessing the letters/wording are all different weights??


Much more importantly sifting throught the pictures from the tour, that can be seen here on Flickr, this little yellow TGL is obviously taking part on the tour but i think for slightly different reasons. You can see it in the background from the different stops on the tour, but is liveried in “ProfiDrive – Safety & Economy Training”, i feel i need to find out more, i will go back to my excellent German source and see what she, yes she, can tell me.


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