Old F6 Reach’s End of the Road

Firstly i must apologise for not telling you i was going on holiday. I was informed by those who arranged said break that the house we were staying in had all the mod-con’s including Wi-Fi, so i took the laptop so i could keep the blog updated. The problem being as you probably realised was that there was no Wi-Fi, Internet or any such mod-con’s. Hey ho it was a cracking week, sampling the Yorkshire ales (oh and 42 miles of walking!), so back to the grindstone, and here we go with some thing from the village we were staying in.

Volvo F6 - Carperby, Yorkshire

The little village of Carperby, Near Leyburn, North Yorkshire is where i found this old girl, living out her last few days enjoying the views of the Yorkshire Dales. If you are like me, you must be if your reading this, then you will often spot old trucks like this sat about, rusting away. In fact there is a topic on TrucknetUK called “Resting Place for Old Trailers” along the same lines. How many old trucks are sat on farms across the country just rotting away after a long hard life on the road? This old F6 got me thinking how it ended up in Carperby. Now bear with me on the detective trail. Firstly i don’t know if the farm yard belongs to the Robinson family or not, so that could be a good link. I’m guessing that it was a cattle truck as it is a cattle farm and the remaining bodywork suggests that or perhaps a hay wagon?? Gainford itself is just West of Darlington on the A67, so not just round the corner. Perhaps you know Robinson of Gainford? Photo’s? or perhaps you have an old truck just rotting away near you? email me with any thing, ben@truckblog.co.uk and after all the feedback on the Manton Freezer Freight posts i put on here, you lot will probably know some thing. I have no idea on the reg as there were no plates. I’m guessing its some where around an A, B or C reg. Over to you…………….

Volvo F6 - Carperby, Yorkshire

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