Follow on From Seddons on the Sand

After putting the pics of the Seddon Atkinson’s crossing the desert full of Mars Bars I had an ex OHS driver email me. Mr John Hope sent a few photo’s he took back in the day of his Seddon on its Middle East exploits. Although he cant have taken these first 2 himself! I wonder if what its loaded with……..


TIR boards, windscreen flags, Union Jacks, Sunglasses holder, all the creature comforts, although i would like to know what the extra dial is on the top of the dashboard? On the first “Seddon’s in the Sand” post John left the following comment;

“I drove one of these Seddons, brilliant truck, LHD, Cummins, fuller gearbox, was able to pull Contex/OHS trailers in UK with them, as with the Mack i was overlength, so as a Brummie I could load for Midlands and clear at Perry Barr. The trucks were purchased by OHS as the dealer had originaly orderered them for Greece so sold at good price.”

So now you know how OHS came about the rare beast’s that were LHD Seddon Atkinson 400’s. John also sent this lovely set of Photo’s of him running with a PIE Volvo F89 through Turkey. The picture of the F89 coming round the corner was taken on one of the many bends on the road Canakkale. Regular jobs of the international Lorry driver, mending a puncture by the side of the road. You don’t see many drivers stopping to help each other out these days do you???! Also wash down time, the old girl deserves a bit of a shine up. Note the Mack badging on the grill, also note that due to all the hard work she has done (or the sticky stuff didn’t last), the photo’s above MACK has become MA.


Excellent photo’s John, please keep sending them through, the more you can send of the Seddons in or on their way to the sand, the better!

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