Roving Reporter Finds……..

…..Not entirely sure what he has found to be honest!! Along with other’s he found this lurking in a yard in the deep south (Poole-ish). Now having had a good poke about he seems to think its a Magirus Deutz of army vintage. The evidence for this as i understand it is that the monstrous engine is a V12 Maggie Deutz, hold on let me check the text so i get it right, you know what the pilot is like! He said; “Maggie deutz i reckon” and “V12!”. So based on this i will happily go with it being a Maggie D until you tell me otherwise. The only thing that makes me think it could be something else, is that its right hand drive. Please email, or leave a comment below if you have any thing to add that may solve the mystery…..

Maggie Deutz??

Maggie Deutz??

Maggie Deutz??

3 thoughts on “Roving Reporter Finds……..

  1. Could this be a Diamond T? Google them and drooooool.

    Love the pics but, ffs, sort out your apostrophe disease, willya? Plurals don’t have ’em.


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