Another MAN App man

I think MAN are the only truck manufacturer that have realised that app’s are the way forward for all of us with the fruity type of phone, think about it. This is their 2nd App the first being the highly informative and info laden IAA Hanover Show App that i told you about last year. The best thing about these App’s is that MAN gives you a chance to see all truck manufacturers stuff not just their own. This new App is called MAN TopUsed and is available from the App Store. Man TopUsed is also available to the rest of you on the interweb at so dont feel too left out.
MAN TopUsed App
I had a little browse through myself just to make sure it’s safe and easy for you all to use, it is. As you may imagine i tried to find myself a nice 2nd hand MAN TGL LX. So i selected the options i wanted and searched Europe for my dream truck!! I found 28 LX cabbed trucks across europe, the best of which are residing in Spain. Not a problem as you can use the contact page on the ad to contact the dealer where you possible purchase is.

 All very easy and as i said not only can you search for MAN’s you can search for all marques. You’ll also be pleased to know it opens in english!!!
MAN TopUsed App

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