From Big Trev Himself

Having a few emails from Trevor Dodwell on other matters so i thought i’d give him the wonderfull opportunity of contributing to the best truck blog in the world (this one not BigLorryBlog!). He says he will send more but sent this cracker to start with. Trevor’s legendary 143 Streamliner, one of the best and last fully Astran liveried trucks. Not only was the truck a beauty to drive but Trevor say’s the trailer had all the bits and bobs you need for driving the long dusty roads to the Middle East. He say’s “The trailer’s extra accessories included: Angle fridge, full fitted kitchen with running water and diesel capacity on the whole vehicle is 2,100 litres to fill it up in Saudi cost less than a hundred pound.!” Thats a £100 total not per litre like it is here currently!! Great pic Trev, keep sending them…….
Trevor Dodwell

1 thought on “From Big Trev Himself

  1. Hi all.Now aint that a beautfull sight..I can remember following that famous desert rat down the road a few times..I worked for HARRY VOS BV..and those lads at ASTRAN had a fair bit of respect…With the FOX any where that had tarmac..and many places that didnt was good game,RUSSIA/SCANDINAVIA/all the way down to AFRICA and ASIA never again…young and stupid i must have been.
    I would see ASTRAN occationaly at the frontiers going up or down …and once had to wait for 3days at chiasso with the guy “cant think of his name” any one recognise him if i say he challenged the law over the EUROVINGNET when running home to ashford truck stop..
    Try watching “cola cowboys” that aint far from the truth,,especialy the ski ing in AUSTRIA.
    I changed companys to ROB SMIT INT on contract to EURO VOS fantastic job,unfortunatly gave it up to save a crap marridge that disapeared anyway…THATS TRUCKING



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