Geoff Gilbert comes to Truckblog

I’m hoping this wont be the one and only photo i get to put on here of this classic haulier. They must be on he list of well known international hauliers, sadly no longer with us. I remember keeping an eye out for them as a boy and also used to enjoy a  the odd chat with a driver or 2 on the Euro Tunnel. I think the last chap i spoke to was nearing retirement and often took his wife with him. I remember the meeting as he had reloaded 24 ton of chocolate from Switzerland, now that is a tasty reload! This picture comes courtesy of one Colin Waters an ex GG driver. I asked him to have a hunt about to see what he could find in his loft and this is all he could find, but he is hoping some of his old GG colleagues may come up trumps. This was GIL 8217, Colin’s regular steed, this was a local delivery out to Schipol Airport, excellent timing with the plane going up, i never realised Mr Waters was such a David Bailey!!
GIL 8217

1 thought on “Geoff Gilbert comes to Truckblog

  1. I thought you might be interested in my Geoff Gilbert facebook group that I set up a few years ago. My father, John Morris was a driver for GG for 30 years and was with them until the company folded in 2008. I have alot of ex drivers in the group and there are over 200 photos that myself and others have submitted.


    Robert Morris.


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