Maltese MAN

Happy New Year bloggers! I’ll start this year as I mean to go on, with a good blog that’ll hopefully entice you all into coming back over and over again!

To start us off Steve Marsh is back….. Twas the week before Christmas and all was quiet, well that was until the Warrington MAN fired up and headed south for a pre-Christmas dash to Malta. Load detail as follows; “Load Manchester and Frankfurt airports for delivery to Luqa airport, Malta. Reload Luqa airport for Heathrow. Plus 2 collections ex Milan for Ashford and Birmingham.”   Sounds like a cracking little outing. The boat back from Malta arrived in Genoa on Wednesday 22nd December, so there was a lot to be done to beat Father Christmas back to Warrington!

Great picture!
Maltese MAN

Maltese MAN

In the pic below, note the well worked Eurostar and Streamliner poking its nose in.
Maltese MAN

On the road to Luqa Airport. Excellent advertising for the blog!! (Look Carefully!)
Maltese MAN
Maltese MAN

Unloading at Luqa.
Unloading Aircraft spares for the AOG at Luqa Airport, Malta

Back on the boat ready leave Valetta, having completed part 1 of the trip.
Maltese MAN

Hopefully the Marsh will continue to supply some excellent blog material throughout the year, just as long as he is home long enough in between trips to email the pictures over! Having made it home for Christmas day, Steve spent New Years Eve on the Kiel to Gothenburg boat, heading for delivery to Sweden. Pictures to follow!

We are currently also exploring avenues to get some live streaming video from the little MAN on its trips across Europe so you never know by the end of this year you may be able to follow Marshy on his travels.

This post was expertly edited by Mrs H Reeder BA (Hons).

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