Minature Modeling

It seems to me that 1:50 scale models are the most common and probably most detailed. The likes of Tekno, WSI and now even Corgi provide some excellent models in all European liveries. For many a year now since i was knee high to a Giraffe i have been collecting 1:87 scale models. Mainly from German manufacturer Herpa, but Wiking, AWM and some others also make models in this scale. Herpa are the best and seem to lead the others in detail and quality of product. I still collect them today and amazingly have some thing like 300 models, well so my parents keep telling me as they are still in the spare room!! Some of the better things about collecting a smaller scale are the fact they take up a lot less room and they are considerable cheaper, all good points to keep ‘er in doors quiet! To try and impress you here are a couple of Herpa New Releases for the first few months of this year.

1st – 158329 Scania R 09 TL with silo trailer “Urs Bühler”

Herpa New Release

2nd – 158176 Mercedes-Benz Actros L 02 low boy semitrailer “Friderici”

One thing you will notice about 1:87 scale is that nearly all models are European liveried, some English ones do come up but quite rarely as you may imagine. Still they do happen now and again when some one over here has a flash of inspiration. Any way if your like me you wont really care and you’ll be interested in anything smart and realistic!!

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