Old MAN & Mercedes still earning a living

This old chap glided into the yard today. On a day trip down from Leicester the old F reg (1 August 1988 – 31 July 1989) MAN was on a flier. According to the driver “She’s great as she has no limiter, means you can a decent days work done!” I’m sure you can. As the old MAN is such a favorite, the owner is about to put another old MAN on the road, but this time a similarly shaped cab but the smaller 3.5 ton Volkswagen LT version, with twin rear wheels. I know it bought back GW’s memories of taking an LT across europe with various loads and broken rear windows! Any way it was lovely to see the old MAN still in such favour, a classic commercial in the making, “It’s having a full refurb and spray job this winter” was the drivers parting call as he tried to keep with his ride. Hopefully they’ll be back next year!

MAN 8153.jpg

On a similar but continental note, our friendly international man of mystery, Sir Steve of Marsh, saw this old old German Mercedes 814 was seen in Austria last week. Still earning its living by delivering new silo’s about the place. Although she doesn’t look as well loved as the old MAN above, she is still earning a penny or two for her owner.


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