Truckstar Festival 2022 – #1

Where do I start?! For me the best trip to Truckstar Festival in 8 visits. The hospitality shown by proper truck people to others who perhaps can’t offer the same hospitality through no fault of their own is genuinely humbling. The Dutch are in a league of their own, nothing is a problem, everything is about friends and all are included.

Thank you to everyone we saw, met and shared a beer with. We feel like honoury Dutchman! Good people, good food, good beer, good trucks and crazy music!! Heel erg bedankt, bedank ook alle andere Nederlandse vrienden op de weg and of course a big thank you to our English friends too🍻🍻

Kurt, Lianne’s Richard, Peter with the nose, Mrs Olga Brouwer and all the rest. Also my BM James and of course the wife for letting me go !

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