The Race to The Finnish Line

After the success of recent Long Distance Diaries, imagine my delight when I get a message offering another one for this week, straight after returning from Hellas with MJC. I’d be a fool to say no, so welcome to the blog Tudor Services from Bristol. This diary is a little different as we are starting outside the UK. Luke (The MD!) from Tudor Services has been out and about and is down in Barcelona awaiting the load out on a recent exhibition.

Day 1 – Saturday 2nd of March
Starting today in Barcelona where I will be loading at 0900 from the Mobile World conference that has just finished. I get up at 0700 for a shower and put my card in at 0740 to head up to registration and get booked in by 0810.

At 0900 I get a call from the people I am loading for to tell me they now won’t be loading me until 1300 which comes as a massive blow and has now put me well behind schedule so it’s back to the drawing board for the Finnish load!

I’m finally loaded and on my way by 1430 so its pedal to the metal to cover as much ground as possible as I also need to take my 45 hour rest when I park up today as well. I eventually park up in Aire de Saint-Rambert D’Albon est at 2215 and will check into the Ibis hotel 1 mile down the road so as to stay onside of the law for taking your weekly rest in the cab. I know a lot of people still ignore it but I have was asked to produce proof I’d taken it away from the cab a couple of years ago and was glad I had the proof to show I had and avoid what can be a devastating fine.

Meanwhile back in Caerphilly another Tudor driver James, is loading a trailer for Luke with a machine to go to Thukakylä in Finland. Luke will be doing a trailer change in Calais on Tuesday morning to swap over and then carry on himself upto Finland. Now you can see why this is a little bit of a different diary. The next diary entry probably won’t be until day 3 says Luke; “As I doubt there will be much to report from my hotel room.” – Even if there is I’m not sure this is the right blog to be reporting it on!

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