The Only Way is Full Tilt!

So I got a WhatsApp a few days ago with a few photos on, nothing unusual about that as my driver pals often send me photos of their travels. But, but when I saw it was from Mr Essex himself, Matt Campbell, I knew it’d be good but not that good! Just look, beautiful white stilettos DAF with matching yellow and red miniskirt trailer. Not just any trailer mind, it’s a Middle East tilt from the Astran subbie fleet, a full, bona-fide intercontinental, sand stained Middle East tilt. How does MJC do it, he’s a lucky fella living the life of a 1970’s GB owner driver!

Matts biggest worry was stripping the tilt when he got to the load point. Now drivers of my age and younger than me (39) wont get the chance to use a tilt anymore as they just aren’t Health and Safety. I will use the word “luckily”, for me when I was a little younger I have worked and stripped tilts out in the line of duty and I have to admit they are hard work to say the least! And yes Karl I did break a nail. I know Matt is far more capable than me, so I said don’t worry you’ll be fine. Loading was due in Cheltenham yesterday (Tuesday).

Now I’ll pass you over to Matts own words, sorry Matt, word for word as it’s spot on;

“You’ll have to edit my words a bit as I have the writing skills of a turnip!

Tuesday – Head up to Cheltenham ready to load. I was going to have a practice stripping the tilt but it all looked self explanatory, so didn’t see the value in doing any more than necessary.

Arrived at 10.30am. Had trailer stripped out just before midday although the trailer had claimed its first victim, my phone fell out and cracked in amongst all the excitement (70’s and &0’s truckers were of course not attached to a mobile phone at all times – TB). The second victim as I was to find out the next day was all my joints and my back, reminding me I’m no spring chicken anymore. Took us till 5pm to load the cargo, the container only just fitted inside the the frame. Then took me till 6.30 to put the trailer back together. Just had enough time to make it back home for the night and to a well earned shower (Another modern luxury – TB).”

Well done! I’d love to hear from ex tilt drivers, I mean proper ones, not like me. Don’t come on moaning and groaning about them, just tell me/us honest truths and tales please. I have to say Matt reminded me of the closing up of a tilt. I always used to feel a good sense of achievement putting the TIR cord back through the eyes and tying them off at the back end. I have to also say, no matter how much of a bugger or how many trapped fingers I probably had, but I love a tilt! I have even wondered whether you could do a tilt stripping competition at a truck show?! Anyway that trainer, why the tilt? Why the Astran tilt? Matt is good pals with Middle East trucker Karl Skilton (owner of the Esteppe roofed 143) and owner of said tilt. I asked Matt why use the tilt and he gave the best answer which just shows he’s such a trucker it’s unbelievable “Well it would go in my trailer but where’s the fun in that?!”

So leave southern Essex this morning (Wednesday) and head down to Folkestone for the night boat to Oostende, sorry I was reminiscing about some documentary or another! Douvres today with a three hour wait for a boat to France and then head East. Greece here we come! If you see Matt on his way, please please please send me a photo, it’s not like he can be inconspicuous with that trailer on the back can he!

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