What’s in a Name??

Here she is in all her splendour. She is a cracker and back in her hay day she certainly turned a few heads and earned a few ££. Now why do I call her a her? Her name being Gloria – named by possibly the most famous Owner Driver from Buxton, Lord Paul Rylance. I’ve known Paul for many a long year now and this week we’ve had a real good catch up on where the hecketty heck the last 10 years have gone. Running through Paul’s side of the story we relived the names of many of his past conquests, sorry I mean trucks. From Tania the Scania, to Gloria the Volvo above through to his 10 year anniversary Scania Nikola (due to the trucks registration) and onto Paul’s current squeeze, Charlotte the red Volvo FH below. 

Having met up with Lord Rylance while driving what can only be described as an anonymous Mercedes-Benz truck, I felt I needed to give my truck a name. As soon as this mentioned at home the following weekend Mrs Blog said “Claudia”, named after the German supermodel of course. We’ll just look at her! 

Now all this naming and shaming got me thinking, why do we tend to give trucks female names?? I need your input here dear readers as I don’t really have an answer. In fear of upsetting the entire fairer sex, why give something, big, strong, powerful, tough, dirty and produced to do endless hard days graft up and down the roads, highways, and autostradas of the world a female name? As far as machines go I’d say a trucks life is very masculine or is that unfair? Cars I can understand, cars are sleek, fast, pretty and in my book I think they could be described as female. But trucks? Or am I missing the point, is it far more romantic than that? Traditionally truck driving has been a very, very male dominated industry. Even now here in the UK, female drivers aren’t very common, far more so than 15-20 years ago but still a male dominated environment. Could it be that male drivers used to name their trucks after their wives, lovers (both?) or give trucks female names as a surrogate partner if you will?! All thoughts and opinions welcome. For now how about a final female, the one and only Lady Louise. 

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