2016 Photo Review

I virtually always start a blog with a photo but for this one I thought I’d do something a little different. Seeing as we are into 2017, Happy New Year by the way, I thought I’d do a little photo review. 2016 was not much different from any other year, a number of truck shows through the year and a good 1000-1500 photos taken I should think. Just having a quick flick through my Flickr albums I wanted to paste a few of my favourites up here for you to see. If you feel like voting for a bit of fun then please cast your vote using the number of the photo. 

  1. Taken by my pal James Cartwright on our way back to the ferry after another excellent weekend in Assen. A gorgeous old Volvo coming through!
  2. A classic line up from the Retro Truck Show at Gaydon. Taking me back to my childhood and the trucks that got me hooked!
  3. Another one from the Retro Show. Not such a retro truck but Shaun Burtons awesome T-Cab Scania parked near the lake. 
  4. Next up was this one I took on the Hipstamatic camera app on my phone. Great App that shuffles your camera settings and can produce lovely rich photos, in this case of my beloved Mercedes-Benz. 
  5. Next, the first of a few more from the Truckstar Festival back in July. A truly photographic place for trucks. A night of rain can produce some great results. Again taken through The Hipstamatic app. 
  6. One of the Englishmen abroad. There isn’t a finer fleet from the UK if not Europe in my book. Coles & Sons in Assen with Convoy and Vendetta. 
  7. Needs no words. Truckstar Festival, Assen. Mrs McKee and Mrs Gibson. 
  8. Pure 100% Dutch. If your new to the world of international custom trucks, then this photo sums up Dutch trucks in one. 
  9. Much like number 2 but a Dutch line up. Could be any year you like from the late 1970’s!
  10. Finally our man Steve Marsh and his little MAN up in the French Alps. Marshy is doing all the things I didn’t in my little Tonka toys, so I’m always grateful for his photos. Taken by Marshy himself. 

That’s just a selection of everything, if you want to see more then go to my Flickr page by clicking HERE and looking through the albums. Just for fun pleasecast your votes. Hopefully 2017 will prove to be as enjoyable with quite a few trips to various shows already in the pipeline and of course I think Assen is on the cards again this year. Fingers crossed! 

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