Delightful Dutch DAF’s

As you’ll be aware by now I had my  annual weekend away from the family and once again this year we went to the Truckstar Festival at the Assen TT circuit in the north of the Netherlands. On the drive up, the closer you get to Assen the more you convoy along with show goers and show going trucks. One of the first to come past was the above big white DAF. Like many of you I love a good sounding engine and I have to say that sadly DAF’s seem to get over shadowed quite regularly, but the sound of a straight through pipe on a DAF is a sound to be enjoyed. Much more of a purr than a thump like its Scandinavian competitor, but easily as enjoyable to the ear!

Firstly every truck should be painted and therefore every grill should be painted. All manufacturers love the use of horrible grey plastics these days but if you paint them they can look a treat. None more so the XF grill on the big Dutchman. I wasn’t a fan of the lower than previous DAF  badge but again bring paint into the equation and it becomes a different beast. Pick out the lines on or around the grill and add a couple of Dutch lights and its instantly transformed. The one accessory that all you DAF drivers need to get is the light up DAF badge. I love them! So simple but such a great idea, we had these years ago picked out in LED’s but these as you can see are back lit badges. I’ve got no more detail on them but I’m sure it wouldn’t take much effort to find them. This year is definately the year of “less is more” styling, so a painted grill with a back lit badge and Roberts your mothers brother. 

I’ve lived in DAF’s and I yes I do have a soft spot for them. They’ve not changed much in the 20 years of the Super Space Cab but they are still popular and still loved by both operator and driver and rightly so. A simple all one colour paint job makes it a very attractive truck in my book. There were a couple of plain coloured examples on show and each one stood out from what is was parked next too. The black one above is nothing special but again a couple of lights and that gorgeous deep sun visor and it instantly becomes a standout truck. Don’t forget folks, this year less is more. 

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