Nikola Kostovski


Hello,I saw your blog..its was fantastic, many good articles to read. (Of course, thanks! – TB).

By the way,my name is Nikola .I come From Macedonia,I’m 21 years old and my hobby and job is 3D Creator/Artist.

When I was kid…I love when i was in truck… how I grow up my passion became bigger and bigger… Last year after my good result in 3D models creating, I meet one man,his name is Kjell Faber and he is from Belgium. We meet in 3D model and ETS2 community..after a few months work with 3D models..finally we meet in Belgium. In that time he was driving MAN TGX 26.440.

It was good experience to meet somebody that you don’t know,but you share same passion. After a good cooperation, we meet up again in Belgium. He was driving a Scania 164L 580 V8. It was very interesting,a open pipe V8..fantastic expirience. I was in Belgium 1 month,In that time Kjell was transporting containers from Antwerp terminal to benelux countries,France and Germany. Also that was very very big and important experience for me,I learned many new stuffs,meet very nice people,and saw very good showtrucks like Weeda, S.D.G, Ceusters, Vogel etc. In 2014 I was at Lopik Truck Festival…It was first big truckshow for me… First i saw that much good trucks around Europe in one place.

 After finishing my University for this year.. in holidays, on 25.06.2015,Im going on 15 days holiday to Kjell,again to have good time again with trucks …

I’m glad that i meet one more truck enthusiast which i can share the good moment of life,my stories,my bad moment,my experience.

Nikola Kostovski.


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