V8 Italian Stallion

Last night I found the only positive to the ridiculous roadworks on the A12 just south of the Copdock interchange at Ipswich. As I joined the southbound A12 in the stupid 40mph zone I found the only positive thing about it, I had to sit next to this gorgeous Italian Scania R730 with matching frigo semirimorchio. As I opened my window to listen to the purring V8 I turned the radio off and enjoyed the sound. I have to say as it was a 730 I have no idea if it was loaded or not but who cares it made the roadworks far more bearable. The front of the truck had various lights and spotlights but what I love about the Italians is the 3 sidelights in the Italian flag colours, a nice little touch! Really was an Italian with style and when she’s clean I bet she looks even better. Anyone know who’s she is??



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